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Enoshima Aquarium [x]

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"Now that someone who might be your rival has appeared, it looks like going back to Hong Kong has been put on hold for a while." 

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Presentation Sword for General Joaquín Sinforiano de Jesús Crespo Torre

  • Dated:  third quarter of the 19th Century
  • Place of Origin: Venezuela
  • Measurements: overall length 94 cm

The sword features a straight, double-edged blade of fine Damascus steel, triangular section, hexagonal toward the tip, the rectangular one finely engraved and gilt on blue ground with dedication "A. SCHRIEVER AL GENERAL J. CRESPO EN MUESTRA DE ADMIRACION" among floral motifs on a side, and Venezuela coat of arms among floral motifs on the other.

At the back lies the name of the German manufacturer "WEYERSBERG, KIRSCHBAUM & CO. SOLINGEN", on a marked tang. The beautiful, gilt bronze hilt is richly pierced shell-guard with Venezuela coat of arms at the centre, counter-valve pierced with leaves, at the guard the in-he-round of a winged goddess, the head of a gryphon at the upper edge.

The pommel comes with the monogram “JC” as for Joaquin Crespo, decorated with cherubs and laurels. The metallic grip is partially blackened and at the front features the effigy of the war goddess. The sword is presented in its leather scabbard, which is damaged, but still has its gilt bronze mounts, richly pierced and belt hooks in the shape of Medusa’s head. The scabbard also has three suspension rings.


  1. Joaquín Sinforiano de Jesús Crespo Torres (22 August 1841 – 16 April 1898) was a politician, soldier, and a member of the Great Liberal Party of Venezuela.
  2. He was also the President of Venezuela from 1884 to 1886 and again from 1892 to 1898. He probably received this sword when he was nominated Chief of Staff.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.

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Doctor Who meme | nine scenes [8/9]

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Pink Blossom (by Anna)


Pink Blossom (by Anna)

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